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"The Scientist and The Prince: Two Interesting Early Pennsylvania Immigrants
Further Reading

Bradley, Raymond, Ph.D. Father Gallitzin: Prince and Priest.. Loretto, Pennsylvania: , 1998.

109-page booklet on the story of Gallitzin.

Bunson, Margaret and Matthew Bunson. Apostle of the Alleghenies, Reverend Demetrius Augustine Gallitzin.. Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania: Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, 1999.

The Bunsons give a vivid account of the pioneering spirit and faithful calling of Reverend Gallitzin

Gallitzin, Demetrius A. Defence of Catholic Principles in A Letter to A Protestant Minister.. Winchester, Virginia: John Heiskell,

This primary document, used in the lesson, is Gallitzin's reply to an protestant minister's attack against Catholics in a sermon Gallitzin heard.

Graham, Jennifer. Revolutionary in Exile: The Emigration of Joseph Priestley in America, 1794-1804.. Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society, 1995.

An informative look at Priestley's political ideas which caused him controversy both in England and in his new home of the United States.

Hirsch, Alison Duncan. Joseph Priestley House: Pennsylvania Trail of History Guide . Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole, 2003.

This slim guide (48 pages) is a succinct look at the story of Joseph Priestley and the history of his house. (Pennsylvania Trail of History Guides)

Schofield, Robert E. The Enlightenment of Joseph Priestley: A Study of His Life and Work from 1773 to 1804.. University Park, PA: Penn State Univ. Press, 2004.

Paired with an earlier volume which covers Priestley's life from 1733 to 1773, this book provides an extensive look of Joseph Priestley and his studies.

Silverman, Sharon Hernes. "Joseph Priestley: Catalyst of the Enlightenment.." Pennsylvania Heritage: 25:3 (Summer 1999).

This article explains both the achievements of Priestley's life in England and the United States and the context in which they were achieved (Enlightenment Era). An excellent overview of Priestley's life.

Web Sites

Joseph Priestley-Pennsylvania and Historical Museum Commission

This link, hosted by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, connects you to the well-written article by Sharon Silverman on Priestley.

Official Site: Canonization of Prince Demetrius Gallitzin

Set up to support the canonization of Prince Demetrius Gallitzin, this site is an excellent resource of information about his life and work. Included is a link "Books and Letters" which offers writings by and about him.

Priestley Society

Founded in 2004, this society aims to spread the knowledge of Priestley and his scientific achievements. Their website offers bibliographic information and a gallery divided into five sections: his life, work, portraits, memorabilia, and the Priestley Society.

University of Pennsylvania: Dewey Library: Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text and Images.

A wonderful digital library of rare books and manuscripts, this website gave access to their wonderful collection of Priestley images.

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