Teach PA History
Two Men Named Ben: Historic Roots of Education in Pennsylvania
Background Information for Teachers

Please read the excerpts from the Overview: Education in Pennsylvaniaand Chapter One: The Pillars of Piety and Practical Knowledge: The Growth of Private Education in the "Virtue and Useful Knowledge and the Arts": Education in Pennsylvania Story.

It may be helpful to read the original documents of Dr. Benjamin Rush and Benjamin Franklin on education in their entirety:
Thoughts Upon the Mode of Education

posals Relating to the Education of Youth

Further Reading

Cressman, Elmer W. The History of Pennsylvania. New York, NY: Noble and Noble, 1944.

This book provides some additional information regarding the development of education in Pennsylvania

Dunaway, Wayland F. A History of Pennsylvania. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1935.

A comprehensive history of the state that spends a good portion on the development of education in Pennsylvania.

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