Teach PA History
"The Scientist and The Prince: Two Interesting Early Pennsylvania Immigrants
Background Information for Teachers

The question that has to be raised is how in the world did Joseph Priestley and Prince Gallitzin end up in Pennsylvania? Their life circumstances were different, but they both shared a common dream that by coming to Pennsylvania their futures could be realized here. By using primary and secondary source materials, students will discover where these immigrants came from, what they were looking for, where in Pennsylvania they can be found, and how they changed and influenced the state. Included in the lesson plan are two sets of primary materials and two different biographical sketches with attached worksheets that will guide the students in their understanding of these interesting men. This is a two day study, with one day allotted for investigating and gaining knowledge about the men, and the second for completing a culminating writing assignment.

Students will be using the following handouts for biographical information on Joseph Priestley and Prince Gallitzin: Student Handout 3-A Biographical Sketch of the Prince and Student Handout 4-Biographical Sketch of Joseph Priestley.
For further background information about Joseph Priestley and Prince Gallitzin, see the markerJoseph Priestley Historical Marker Page and the markerDemetrius Gallitzin Historical Marker Page located in the New Nation Story.

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