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Show Me the Money: Labor/Management Issues in Professional Baseball
Background Information for Teachers

For more information, see the Baseball in Pennsylvania story.

Web Sites

Baseball Labor History

Excellent history of the reserve clause. Specifically discusses the role of John Montgomery Ward and the Brotherhood of Baseball Players. Contains pictures of Ward and other baseball union leaders. Also links you to other excellent pages on Curt Flood and more recent baseball union leaders.

National Baseball Hall of Fame - John Ward

Hall of Fame biography that contains information and statistics on John Montgomery Ward.


Baseball. 1994. Produced and directed by Ken Burns. 18.5 hours. PBS Home Video. Videocassette.
This is a comprehensive historical baseball video. Episode one gives a complete history of early baseball and discusses John Montgomery Ward.
Economics U$A. 1986. Produced by Educational Film Center. 14 hours. Annenberg/CPB Collection. Videocassette.

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