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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Extensions 1.For an excellent lesson enhancement, consider using the online clip (approximately 10 minutes) of Andrew Carnegie himself reading his text of "The Gospel of Wealth". This link is available through the History Matters collection at George Mason University: Carnegie Speaks: A Recording of the Gospel of Wealth Go to 2.For upper-level classes, it may be beneficial to organize a formal or informal debate on any of the subjects raised by the primary sources. (Philanthropy, self-help, estate taxes, progressive tax systems, etc…). Students will need several days of library and computer research in order to prepare their positions and refine the statements they will make in the debate. 3.Have students prepare their own "wealth management" plans and to project the extent to which taxes, charity, and similar issues should impact the finances of the wealthy. 4.Arrange for a guest speaker (perhaps a local elected official) to discuss tax and social policy options.

Field Trips

Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh (central offices) 4400 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213 412-622-3131
To sample some of the museums Andrew Carnegie created with his wealth and planning take a field trip to Pittsburgh where there are four remarkable museums in his name. These include: Carnegie Museum of Art, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Carnegie Science Center, and The Warhol museum. The website page listed provides a link to the education page of each museum's website.

Henry George School of Social Science and Birthplace Museum 413 South 10th Street Philadelphia, PA 19147 215-922-4278
This museum can be visited by appointment. The building has been restored to its original nineteenth century appearance, and the school carries on the tradition of Henry George, offering programs that explore solutions to societal problems today. The website also provides teacher resources including forty lesson plans under the title Land and Freedom (twenty in US History and twenty in Economics).

The Pennsylvania General Assembly[FIX ME ’–"“”]Capitol Tours and Welcome Center North Third and State Streets Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17101 1-800-868-7672
Tour the Pennsylvania Capitol and see where bills are considered and legislation passed that effect the economical condition of our society.

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