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Mother's Day: The Creation of a Holiday
Assessment Strategies

1. Following up on their choice of new holiday, have the students design buttons or posters to create a visual image for their campaign. 2. To extend the timeline activity, students could create the timeline themselves instead of using the template on the worksheet. They would need to figure out the start and end dates to know how long the timeline needs to be. Next they would need to figure out the integers on the timeline. Once the timeline was created they would continue with the written lesson and placing the images on the timeline. 3. Students could also check out the website of the lesser-known and unusual holidays and pick one to present to the class. They could make a visual aid for the holiday and prepare a short description to read. 4. Students could research how Mother's Day is celebrated in other countries of the world.

Grading Rubrics

Rubric 1: Assessment Rubric for Letter to Governor

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