Teach PA History
The Most Dangerous Woman in America? The Mock Trial of Mary Harris "Mother" Jones
Assessment Strategies

There are numerous opportunities to assess students in this lesson, both individually and as a group. In Student Worksheet 1-Introduction Through Images, students sharpen their skills in reading an image and predicting subject matter. Student Worksheet 2-Reading Comprehension provides a chance for not only assessment of reading comprehension, but also of using critical thinking skills (logic-providing proof from text). In addition, if the three-level guide technique is applied, students gain experience with inference and applied knowledge. In the mock trial of Mother Jones, students are demonstrating preparation, group work, trial decorum, public speaking skills, and the understanding of content (the perspective of their character). The final two worksheets, Student Worksheet 4-Letter About Mother Jones and Student Worksheet 5-Drawing Mother Jones, give you written and visual feedback about student synthesize of overall content.

Grading Rubrics

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