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1. Have student groups present their journal entries to the class. Included in their presentation must be a visual aid presenting the five researched aspects of culture for the tribe. Collate the journal entries from each tribe's perspective and create a journal as a final product. 2. This lesson starts with a student analysis of an artifact given from Lewis and Clark to Indians they encountered on their journey. Based on the research students prepared on various tribes, have them select a material artifact they feel is representative of what their tribe may have given Lewis and Clark. Each group could lead the class on an analysis of that artifact (similar to Worksheet 1: Analyze the Artifact) and, ultimately, explain why they felt the artifact was representative of their tribe 3. This lesson still uses a "European framework" of journal writing to explore various Indian tribe cultures. Since many tribes have oral traditions for passing down information, have students research the oral histories of their tribe. Then ask each group to prepare a story/myth regarding the Lewis and Clark encounter and share it with the class. 4. After students have researched the culture of their tribe, ask if there is a particular perspective they uncovered that they think will influence "their way of seeing" in the future. What is it? (It could be any number of insights about human nature, sense of land, family values, communal responsibilities, role of dreams, etc.) Consider creating an in-depth independent project pertaining to that interest.

Field Trips

United States Mint
The Jefferson Peace Medals were designed by John Reich, a German immigrant worker at the U.S. Philadelphia Mint. He would work at noon and during off hours on the medals so that he would not interfere with the process of minting coins. Each medal cost an average of $7.60 (an expensive amount for that time period). The U.S. Mint still mints special medals along with our coins, although the technology and technique have changed throughout the years. Tour the Mint to discover the manufacturing process of these medals.

151 North Independence Mall East
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106-1886
(215) 408-0112

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