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On the Other Side of the Color Barrier: Segregation and the Negro Leagues

1. Biographies of baseball players are located on After reading biography of former Negro League Baseball players, students can create a class set of baseball cards honoring these men. 2. Students may compose a letter to a former member of the Negro Leagues. Students might ask about their favorite memory, a game, their hero or inspiration, their feelings on the demise of the Negro League, difficulties playing in the Negro Leagues, or their opinions on the greatest Negro League players. Players may be contacted through the Negro League Baseball Players Association. Returned letters can posted on a Hall of Fame Bulletin Board or collected into a book titled "They Were There". 3. Research other sports teams to see when they were integrated and compare to baseball.

Field Trips

African American Museum
Contains a small exhibit on the Negro Leagues. Includes the Negro Leagues Memorial Statue, a score book, photographs, catcher mask. Museum shop has several items celebrating the Negro Leagues.

701 Arch Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106
(215) 574-0380

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