Teach PA History
The Decisive Victory: Philadelphia and the Winning of the War for American Independence

Adaptation Students with identified special needs, as well as other students, may need to have adaptations made. These could include: 1. Simplified instructions 2. Extended time to complete the assignments 3. Help from a partner or a teacher (or aide) 4. More controlled work environment Enrichment Students who desire enhanced opportunities related to this lesson could research in the library or on the Internet the following topics: 1. Other foreign allies in the Revolutionary War 2. The role of women in the Philadelphia Campaign 3. African-Americans in the War for Independence 4. Evaluation of British and American strategies They could present their findings in a variety of forms. These might include a "simulated" newspaper from the period, a Power Point presentation, a written paper, a speech to the class, a brochure (using Microsoft Publisher), a website or a poster.

Field Trips

Valley Forge National Historic Site
(610) 783-1077

Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial
(215) 597-9618

Independence National Historic Site
(215) 597-8974

Brandywine Battlefield Park
(610) 459-3342

Washington Crossing Historic Park
(215) 493-4076

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