Teach PA History
The Fall and Rise of the White-tailed Deer Population: Conservation Success Story?

1. Have a State Game Warden or local Conservation District person visit and bring live or preserved wildlife into the classroom and discuss habitat of those creatures. 2. Discuss the fate of other wildlife in regard to conservation, for example, the panther, wolf, or peregrine falcon. Have students research how forestland is managed differently based on what species has been selected for protection. 3. Have the students interview family members who are hunters and get their opinion on what should be done in regard to the whitetail deer population. 4. Have students do a survey of family members for one week and tally the number of deer sighted and the location sighted. Have the class consolidate their data and create a chart. Analyze the chart to draw a conclusion about where deer are seen and why. 5. Encourage students in more densely populated school districts to study their urban/suburban environment and evaluate the suitable habitat for various animal species like pigeons, raccoons, rats, Canadian geese, skunks, etc. Discuss how some animals have adapted and thrived even with the loss of more traditional habitat.

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