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Fort Lyttelton Historical Marker
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Fort Lyttelton

Laurel Highlands/Southern Alleghenies


Marker Location:
US 522 at Fort

Dedication Date:
June 30, 1967

Behind the Marker

Fort Lyttelton (modern Fort Littletown) was one of the provincial posts built in 1755-56 to defend Pennsylvania's frontier. Like markerFort Shirley, another post built by the fur trader and Indian agent George Croghan, Fort Lyttelton was little more than a stockade hastily thrown up around some buildings, to provide refuge to colonists besieged by Indians in the violent months following markerBraddock's Defeat. After the fall of Fort Granville in July 1756, it was the only post west of the Susquehanna River maintained by the provincial government.

In 1758, Fort Lyttelton was garrisoned, by British regulars marching along the markerForbes Road. In 1763, it was again occupied by colonial volunteers raised in response to markerPontiac's Rebellion. Its southerly orientation made it a base for scouting parties during the Seven Years' War, as well as a center for receiving Cherokee and other southern Indians recruited to the British cause.

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