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Braddock Park Historical Marker
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Braddock Park

Laurel Highlands/Southern Alleghenies


Marker Location:
US 40, 2.5 miles Northwest of Farmington

Dedication Date:
November 23, 1946

Behind the Marker

This etching depicts the burial of General Braddock, several days after he was wounded at the battle at Braddock's Crossing.
Burial of General Braddock, several days after he was wounded at the battle...
General Braddock was wounded but not killed at the battle at markerBraddock's Crossing. He was among those wounded lucky enough not to be abandoned on the field of battle as the British retreated.

His luck did not hold out. Suffering mightily from the wound in his side, he died on July 13, before the army reached Fort Cumberland. He was buried the next day near markerFort Necessity, the site of Washington's humiliation at the hands of the French the year before. Command of the army fell to the only colonel left in Braddock's command, markerThomas Dunbar.

Fearing that the corpse would be discovered and mutilated by the enemy, George Washington recommended that Braddock be buried in the road, where the marching feet of the retreating army would destroy any evidence of the burial. In 1804, a road construction crew inadvertently disinterred his remains, and they were reburied in a marked grave nearby.

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