"Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair," Stephen Foster's sketchbook, 1854.
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Sketchbook in Stephen Foster's handwriting.

Credit: Courtesy of the Center for American Music, University of Pittsburgh

Jennie. I dream of Jennie with the light brown hair Bourn like a vapour on the summe air When songs of music from her lips would pour The many birds the mery world warble them oer [?I] tripping I see her roaming where the bright streams play Happy as the daisies that dance on her way When in gushing music her merry notes would pur Many were the blith birds that warbled them Oer wild notes would Many were the songs that her merry voice could pour Many were the blithe birds that warbled them oer warbles she now I long for Jennie but her form lies low Never more to wander when the bright waters flow I hear her melodies like joys gone by Waking with the beams of her bright blue eye

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