Early test of the feasibility of television broadcast at the Farnsworth Television Laboratories, Philadelphia, PA., July 30, 1935.
flipFlip to Philo T. Farnsworth demonstrates his new combination radio and television receiving set at the Farnsworth Television Laboratories, Philadelphia, PA, July 1935.
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Group is on stage performing music. A.H. Brolly is pictured operating the television camera on the stage set.

Credit: Image donated by Corbis-Bettmann

In 1933, Philo T. Farnsworth established Farnsworth Television at 127 East Mermaid Lane, in Philadelphia. Following his first public display of a television at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute of Technology in the summer of 1934, Farnsworth created the world's first television broadcasting station. In the years that followed he blanketed the Philadelphia metropolitan area with experimental television signals, offering a stream of vaudeville acts, cartoons, sports, and live entertainments.

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