Mrs. Richard Bache (Sarah Franklin 1743-1808), by John Hoppner, 1793.
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Oil on canvas of Sarah Franklin wearing a black dress and a head scarf and shoulder shawl of what appears to be beige silk.

Credit: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Collection, Wolfe Fund 1901. (01.20) Photograph © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

In 1793, John Hoppner painted this portrait of Sarah Franklin Bache (1743-1808), Ben Franklin's only daughter. After returning to Philadelphia in 1785, Franklin spent the final years of his life living with "Sally" and Richard Bache and their large family in his house on Market Street. There, he made a series of improvements, including a garden where one visitor described him "under a very large mulberry tree…The Tea table was spread under the tree, and Mrs Bache,…served it out to the company. She had three of her children about her. They seemed to be excessively fond of their grandpapa."

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