Steretts Gap Clipping
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Steretts Gap Clipping

Credit: Courtesy of the Camp Curtin Historical Society

This Pennsylvania newspaper clippings show the dedication of the original historical marker at near Carlisle Springs. The monument marks the farthest point north reached by members of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia during the Gettysburg campaign. The 1929 marker itself says the Confederates reached the farm of Joseph Miller on the morning of June 28, 1863, and then returned to Carlisle when they learned Union soldiers were nearby at Sterrett's Gap. Historians, however, have so far been unable to identify whose command these Confederates belonged to. The caption identifies the clergyman as Reverend John A. Miller, who told people he conversed with Confederate horsemen in 1863 when they appeared at the gap. The good Reverend seems to have an honest face

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