Repulse of General Johnson's Division by General Geary's White Star Division
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Battle of Gettysburg, 1870, by Peter Frederick Rothermel, side series, <i>Repulse of General Johnson's Division by General Geary's White Star Division.</i> Artist Peter F. Rothermel painted this Oil on canvas scene of Geary's troops repulsing a Confederate attack on their position on the morning of July 3. In the foreground are soldiers with their backs to the viewer and smoke from their gunfire is thick in front of them. In the far background, a fallen soldier lies on the ground while others are being wounded as they charge forward. A black dog leaps out ahead of the charging soldiers. The dog seen here was the mascot of the 1st Maryland Battalion, and was killed in the assault.

Credit: Courtesy of the State Museum of Pennsylvania.[PHMC]

In early May of 1863, a "spent" cannon ball hit Major General John White Geary in the chest at the battle of Chancellorsville. While not quite enough to kill him, it did knock him unconscious and leave him unable to speak above a whisper for many weeks. Less than a month later, Geary was leading his men at the Battle of Gettysburg. On July 1st his men fought on the Union left flank at Little Round Top. On July 2nd and 3rd they fought at Culp's Hill on the right side of the Union lines.

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