A sketch of Confederate cavalry under J. E. B. Stuart leaving Chambersburg, PA, October, 1862.
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The rebels under Stuart leaving Chambersburg. Civilians in foreground watch Confederates on horseback riding through town. Most figures are outlines. Buildings in background more defined.

Credit: Library of Congress

"Soldiers: You are about to engage in an enterprise which, to insure success, imperatively demands at your hands coolness, decision, and bravery…" With these words, James Edward Brown Stuart addressed his 1,800 Confederate cavalry troopers who were about to accompany him on a daring raid behind enemy lines over three days in October of 1862. Stuart led a successful raid into northern territory, reaching Chambersburg, PA, where he destroyed railroad property and captured horses and supplies. To do this, Stuart and his men also rode completely around General George B. McClellan's Union Army of the Potomac.

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