Custer at Hanover, by Dale Gallon
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<i>Custer at Hanover,</i> painting by Dale Gallon.

Credit: Courtesy of Gallon Historical Art, Inc., ┬ęDale Gallon

In Custer at Hanover, artist Dale Gallon depicts the June 30, 1863, clash between elements of the Union's Third Cavalry Division and J.E.B. Stuart's "Invincibles." Here, troopers of the 6th Michigan cavalry are being deployed as skirmishers by their new, twenty-three year old commander; George Armstrong Custer. In this engagement, the 5th and 6th Michigan Cavalry were armed with new seven-shot, magazine-fed rifles, which could fire seven .52 caliber rounds in a minute's time. This would prove a lethal advantage of firepower to both the Union and Custer.

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