Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein Jr. (on the right) pose with actresses who played the role of Ensign Nellie Bly, in celebration of the 1,925th, and last, performance of South Pacific on Broadway. January 17, 1954.
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Stars of the Musical South Pacific include Mary martin, Janet Blair, and Martha Wright.

Credit: "Image Donated by Corbis - Bettmann".

Rogers and Hammerstein produced some of the most memorable musicals of the mid-1900s, including Oklahoma!, Carousel , The King and I, and The Sound of Music. Performing as Ensign Nellie Forbush, actress Mary Martin (left) washed "that man" out of her hair 900 times. In this publicity photo, she and her two successors in the South Pacific role, Janet Blair(center) and Martha Wright(right), go through the famous South Pacific shampoo routine for the last time.

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