Polish Falconettes, circa 1913.
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TOP ROW (standing), left to right, Konstancia Figlerowicz, Wiktoria Zagata; SECOND ROW FORWARD (standing), left to right, Wanda Czerniak, Zofia Zagata, Marya Mielcarek, Marta Stenclik; THIRD ROW FORWARD (seated), left to right, Marya Dylewska, Anna Czaban, Marta Chudziska, Anna Sykut, Marya Zajaczek; FOREGROUND, left to right, Marya Sokolska, Stanislawa Dukowska, Instructures.

Credit: History of the Polish People in Rochester

During World War I, women's auxiliaries of the Polish Falcons raised money and provided other assistance for Polish American soldiers. In 2010 there were still more than 100 Falcon "nests" in the United States. The Falconettes remain active in Pennsylvania's industrial towns and cities, working to keep alive Polish ethnic and cultural identity.

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