CIO President Philip Murray addressing a crowd at an IUE rally, Turtle Creek Stadium, Turtle Creek, PA, April 26, 1950.
flipFlip to James Kennedy, United Electrical Workers, United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers of America Local 506, Erie, PA, circa 1950.
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Philip Murray, President of the CIO, at the Podium. Addressing a Crowd at Turtle Creek Stadium on Lynn Avenue in Support of IUE.

Credit: UE News Photograph Collection, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

After the Erie Electrical Workers (UE) local supported Progressive Party candidate Henry Wallace rather than Democrat Harry Truman in the presidential election of 1948, CIO president Philip Murray formed a rival union, the International Union of Electrical Workers (IUE), to regain control. The effort failed, however, as Erie's electrical workers continued to support UE local president John Nelson, even after the IUE branded Nelson as a Communist.

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