Members of the United Electrical Workers (CIO), participating in a nationwide strike, marching up the steps of the State Capitol to ask Governor Edward Martin for unemployment compensation, Harrisburg, PA, January 25, 1946.
flipFlip to Members of the United Electrical Workers preparing for demonstration to force Westinghouse to provide equal pay for women, Pittsburgh, PA, 1946.
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A large group of men carrying musical instruments and placards march through the snow and up the steps of the Capitol.

Credit: (┬ęCORBIS/Bettmann) Donated by Corbis-Bettmann

In 1946, workers in industries across the nation participated in strikes for hirer wages and benefits. In January, UEW workers, most of them World War II veterans, marched on Harrisburg to demand that the state legislature pass a law to enable them to receive unemployment compensation.

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