Pennsylvania Senator Donald Cameron mocked as the ineffective boss of the Republican party in Pennsylvania, Puck Magazine, June 28, 1882.
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Cartoon showing Chester Arthur, dressed as a Roman, by "Republican scales," holding sword "patronage," with Mitchell "indepencent reps.," also dressed as a Roman, on one end of the scales, and James Donald Cameron "bossism" on the other end of scales.

Credit: Library of Congress

On June 28, 1882, Puck devoted its cover to the political struggle between "independent" Republicans, represented by Oregon senatorial candidate John H. Mitchell and the "bossism" of the Republican machine, represented by a childish James Donald Cameron, who despite his weights of "Threats," "Tricks" and "Bluster" is outweighed by the moral gravitas of the independent Mitchell. President Chester Arthur, dressed as a Roman Caesar, wields the sword of "Patronage," by which he can dictate the outcome of the contest. Despite Puck's endorsement, Mitchell lost his bid for reelection.

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