W. E. B. Dubois congratulating Paul Robeson after his address to the world
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Paul Robeson, American singer, is shown (left) as he was congratulated by Dr. William E.B. Dubois, American editor and Author, after Robeson addressed the red-sponsored world "Peace" conference in Paris.

Credit: Image donated by Corbis-Bettmann

Investigated by the FBI and then harassed for his progressive politics and opposition to U.S. foreign policy during the Cold War, DuBois spent his last years in Ghana. One of America's most celebrated singers, Paul Robeson was also an internationally renowned human rights activist whose criticism of the United Stated led to the revocation of his passport, which restricted his travels until the Supreme Court restored it in 1958. In the early 1970s, Robeson moved to Philadelphia where he lived with his sister until his death in 1976.

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