Mira Lloyd Dock, circa 1910.
flipFlip to Lavinia Dock, third from left, holding a "Votes for Women" staff, 1913.
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Black and white photograph of Mira Lloyd Dock in checkered dress, black hat, and gloves, sitting in a back yard or garden.

Credit: Courtesy of the Pennsylvania State Archives

Influenced by the ideas of landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, Mira Lloyd Dock in the 1890s started a campaign to clean up and beautify her home town of Harrisburg that continued into the 1910s, by which time Harrisburg had become a national model for city beautification. The first woman appointed to a position in Pennsylvania state government, Dock worked for the State Forest Commission from 1901 to 1912 and taught at the State Forestry Academy at Mont Alto, a school that she had helped to found.

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