"Dr. Squintum's Exaltation or the Reformation," a cartoon satirizing the preaching of Methodist evangelist George Whitefield, 1763.
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Cartoon showing Rev. George Whitefield standing on a three-legged stool, and preaching in the open air, an imp pouring inspiration through a clyster-pipe into his ear, a grotesque Fame, being a female evil-spirit, listens to his discourse with an ear-trumpet, and repeats it in an ordinary trumpet, the Devil clutches gold from under his stool, etc.

Credit: Library of Congress

One of the most influential evangelists of the Great Awakening, George Whitefield (1714-1770) preached to thousands in Pennsylvania, including enslaved African Americans. The popularity of his sermons–and his offering of salvation to all who "come just as you are to Christ"– earned him many critics. This cartoon from 1763 shows Whitefield as imp receiving his inspiration from a demon through a clyster-pipe into his ear. On his left, a grotesque "Fame," in the form of a female evil-spirit, listens to his words with an ear-trumpet, and as the Devil grabs gold from under his stool.

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