The Carborundum Company's Niagara Falls plant, Niagara Falls, NY, circa 1903.
flipFlip to Cover of the Carborundum Company's prospectus for its new industrial abrasive, 1894.
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Color photo carborundum

Credit: From The Niagara Falls Electrical Handbook; Being a Guide for Visitors From Abroad Attending the International Electrical Congress, St. Louis, Mo., September, 1904.

In 1894 Edward Acheson organized the Carborundum Company in Monongahela City, PA, to produce powdered abrasives, knife sharpeners, whet stones, and grinding wheels. When demand soon surpassed production, Acheson built a larger plant in Niagara Falls. Like many inventors, Acheson was a poor manager and lost control of his companies to concerned investors.

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