1907 Brochure for the Duryea Buggyaut.
flipFlip to Cross-section of the Duryea Buggyaut's three-speed roller drive train, circa 1908.
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This brochure depicts two images of Buggyauts for sale. The four passenger image is shown topless and sells for $750.00. The top sells for $50.00. The image of the two passenger car is complete with top and sells for $700.00. The top adds $30.00 to the price.

Credit: Courtesy of the Free Library of Philadelphia

In 1907 Charles Duryea tried to get his floundering company back on its feet with the introduction of a "second generation" car he called the Buggyaut. An inexpensive auto with large wheels designed for rural markets and unpaved roads, the two-passenger model, complete with top, sold for only $700. When the car proved unpopular with customers, Duryea abandoned his dream of an inexpensive mass produced car. The idea, however, would soon be picked up by Henry Ford and other auto manufacturers.

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