Former Philadelphia Olympians, 1965.
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Group photograph of men sitting in chairs.

Credit: Courtesy Urban Archives, Temple University Libraries, Philadelphia

Pennsylvanians" participation in the Olympic games, begun by John Tewksbury and Alvin Christian Kraenzlein in 1900, included the following Philadelphians, who gathered for this photo in 1965. Seated (left to right), Lou Bordo, 1948 gymnast; Sam Gerson, 1920 wrestler; Tony Cardella, 1936 Italian soccor team; Frank Sadano, 1948 boxing. Standing (left to right) Dave Major, 1936 weight lifting; John Marionis, swimmer, 1936; Frank Frick, 1948-52-56, canoe; and Herb Douglass, broad jump, 1948.

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