"Pennsylvania's Political Poker Room," editorial cartoon, 1938.
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A cartoon of John Lewis, George Earle, Joseph Guffey, David Lawrence playing a card game and Charles Margiotti watching. 
Cigar smoking John Lewis says "I might win a pot if those guys on the end don't start dealing each other aces." A gun with the letters C.I.O. on the handle sits on the table next to Lewis. Guffey glares at Lawrence and Earle appears uninterested. State Attorney General Charles Margiotti, is seen peering over the transom in the background.

Credit: Courtesy of Temple University, Urban Archives, Philadelphia, Pa

In 1938 Pennsylvania's Democratic power brokers fought over who would represent the party in the upcoming governor's and Senate races. Internal divisions over control of the party and investigations of corruption conducted by State Attorney General Charles Margiotti, seen peering over the transom in the background, helped the Republican party sweep back into power. Margiotti's investigations especially hurt David Lawrence, then the Democratic State Chairman, who was charged with bribery.

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