Striking farm workers at the King Farm, Morrisville, Bucks County, PA, August, 1938.
flipFlip to Migrant workers hired as strikebreakers at the King Farm near Morrisville, PA, 1938.
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A group of men and women hold signs and pose for this photograph. One sign reads Thompson is a Rat.

Credit: Library of Congress

During the 1930s, Pennsylvania farmers continued to seasonally employ thousands of men and women desperate for jobs. Awful living conditions and low wages pushed some workers to the breaking point. In the summer of 1938, workers near Morrisville staged a strike when the King Farm refused to pay them more than 17 to 20 cents an hour. The strike attracted the attention of the Federal Farm Bureau Administration (FSA), which sent John Vachon (1915-1975) to photograph what was taking place. An FSA messenger and clerk, Vachon later would become an acclaimed documentary photographer, working for Life Magazine and other major publications.

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