Striking workers leaving the Hershey Chocolate factory, Hershey, PA, April 7, 1937.
flipFlip to Workers loyal to Hershey marching outside the Hershey Chocolate factory, Hershey, PA, April 6, 1937.
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Hershey Chocolate; sit-down strike; workers leaving factory, April 7, 1937.  John Loy, a worker, has a bloody nose. There is also a man with his hand raised holding a weapon.

Credit: Courtesy of the Hershey Community Archives

Bursting through the doors of the Hershey Chocolate factory after 1pm on April 7th, company supporters quickly overwhelmed the striking workers and marched them out of the plant through a gauntlet of screaming men and women who kicked, beat, and pelted them with stones and chunks of coal. In the foreground is union organizer John Loy, who was severely beaten and lost several teeth as he was led from the factory.

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