Workers loyal to Hershey marching outside the Hershey Chocolate factory, Hershey, PA, April 6, 1937.
flipFlip to Striking workers leaving the Hershey Chocolate factory, Hershey, PA, April 7, 1937.
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Loyalty Parade; men and women workers are marching; holding signs that read: Down With Communistic Idiotic Laws, CIO Can't Make a Monkey Out of Us, and Hershey Fills Our Breadbaskets, not the CIO

Credit: Courtesy of the Hershey Community Archives

Out of patience with the CIO-led sit-down strike in the Hershey Chocolate factory, more than 3,000 Hershey company loyalists, local farmers, and members of various patriotic groups staged a rally at the newly completed Hershey Arena on April 6, then marched to the factory for a final confrontation with the striking workers.

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