Modern kitchen in a Westmoreland home, circa 1936.
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White cabinets, white, ruffled curtains on the door window and window above the sink, a double sink, white stove, and refrigerator decorate this modern kitchen. Decorative magnets sit across the freezer section of the refrigerator and a kitchen towel hangs from the door handle.

Credit: Library of Congress

Supported by President Roosevelt and Harold Ickes, Virginia Senator Harry F. Bird argued that electric lights, indoor plumbing, and other modern conveniences were an "extravagance" for the "simple mountain folk," who would live in Westmoreland. Disagreeing, program director Milburn Wilson and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt argued that as a demonstration project, Westmoreland should provide its residents homes that would elevate their standard of living. Wilson and the First Lady prevailed, as can be seen in this Westmoreland home kitchen.

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