Brady's Bend Iron Work Company stock certificate, September 22, 1864.
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Brady's Bend Iron Work Company stock certificate, 1864 has the company title across the top of the certificate and an image of the works below the title. The certificate reads: this certifies that Edmund G. Jacobus is entitled to fifty shares at one hundred each in the Capitol Stock of the Brady's Bend Iron Company transferable in person or by attorney only in the books of the Company in the city of New York upon surrender of this certificate. 22 day of September 1864.

Credit: Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania

The Brady's Bend Iron Company acquired possession of the Great Western Iron Company property in 1844, erecting a second blast furnace, which was completed in 1845. The manufacture of strap-rails was continued till 1846, in the latter part of which year the works were altered for the manufacture of T-rails, which has continued to be sole product during their succeeding operation.

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