Greenwood furnace workers beside the "Brands Pile" at the furnace
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Various Greenwood furnace workers beside the "Brands Pile" at the furnace. This image has numbers next to the men in the photograph. They are as follows:1. Frank G. Kennedy, Supt. and Owner, Logan Iron and Steel Co., Philadelphia. 2. William Craig, Greenwood Furnace, Manager 3. Harvey Thompson, Asst. Manager and Wood Boss, (would become manager in 1903 after Craig left]. 4. G. Edward Ross, Ranger 5. James Singleton, Blacksmith 6. William Stringer, Asst. Blacksmith. 7. Grant Reed, wagonmaker, carpenter. 8. Henry Monsell, Charcoal Boss 9. James Gregory, Ore Weighmaster. 10. Samuel Barnes, Furnace elevator operator 11. Dan Barnes, laborer. 12. William Kephart, laborer

Credit: Courtesy of the Greenwood Furnace State Park, Paul Fagley

A "brand" is a piece of wood that did not fully turn to charcoal. Brands, along with charcoal dust (there was tons of the stuff) was dumped next to the furnace. Much of this pile remains today.

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